Our Responsibility

Both the festival body and the party goers have a responsibility to keep the beautiful area clean and leave it how we found it.


This year we will be having 3 different bins around the festival grounds.

For more information

about non-recycebles

please check our

Eco-Bricks page. 

Cigarette butt initiative

Mobile ashtrays

Upon entry all smokers will receive their mobile ashtrays which is made of old film cases with string tied around it acting as a neckless.

Polling Station

These will be scattered across the grounds for you to throw away your butt’s with a bit of a twist.

Smokey Treats bio-degradable cigarettes

Smokey Treats  was founded in late 2015 with the vision to provide smokers with a less-damaging alternative to what is currently available on the global market.

Please note these butt’s still need to be thrown away for them to degrade properly.



Our cups this year will be completely bio-degradable as they will be made out of corn. Please note you will be asked to pay R10 for the use of a new cup, we encourage you to re-use your old cups or to bring empty drink containers to the bar. 


If you decide to throw your cup away, please be sure to locate a compost bin to throw it into.




Food vendors


All our food shops will be serving their products in completely bio-degradable packaging and with wooden cutlery. Even though it is not plastic we urge you to bring your own plates and cutlery to the food court.


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