Mouth2Mouth is brand born out of the need for taking the party space home, but revolutionizing it and transforming the way people come to enjoy parties; so that it not only satisfies their party needs, but also to create meaningful social gatherings, where meaningful relationships can be formed.

We aim to curate sensory experiences through food, visual art and of course, music. Unlike many other parties that places focus on one genre, Mouth2Mouth tries to showcase many different types of music ranging from Hip-Hop to Jazz-Fusion, Drum & Bass to Techno and the whole spectrum of house and even live performances. If you deserve the stage, we’ll construct one for you!

Cape Town is blessed with an artistically minded youth. There are copious amounts of talent at our fingertips and with the right collaboration and support, we can take our music, art and ideas further.

We’re all about promoting the growth of amazing art and talent and sticking true to that we always aim to place artists who show promise alongside those that have been doing it in the industry for a while. This enables the younger artists to learn and gain valuable experiences while providing the stepping stones to do so.

We want people to be able to show who they are and feel comfortable doing it. Mouth2Mouth aims to create safe spaces, for too long have dance floors been a space for objectification and overstepping peoples personal space.

Mouth2Mouth wants partying to be a mindful experience. Our events are not for people to lose their minds, but to experience artistry in all of its amazing forms.


Pornbugs (DE/Bondage Music)

Peoples of Colours