Live Lounge

We started as a simple meeting between friends with an idea of sharing music in an intimate secret setting. We then realised that we had created something special and something we could share with the world.

The Live Lounge hosted a few Secret Garden Shows as fundraisers for our AfrikaBurn vision and has now turned its attention elsewhere, namely to Small Town Beat!

Due to the general success of the small garden parties and recognition gained, we have been asked to show our collective elsewhere. 

In the near future, the Live Lounge will be helping set up another stage at the regional Burning Man in Australia (Burning Seed) as well as, and obviously, Small Town Beat!

We couldn’t be more stoked with the way things have turned out! 

Forest Lounge

T-Shirt Material (live)
Bakai (live)
Loneliest Monk (live)
Paz Shina Ensemble (live)