Database was born on a whim in the depths of the Mother City’s underground techno scene, at a club that had established itself at the time as the only true left-field, anti-conformist venue, Vice City. After the venue closed down unexpectedly, Database lay dormant for years, waiting patiently for a space to arrive that would match the philosophies, vision, and musical taste of the brand.

That space arrived in the form of a new underground club, Mødular. Database immediately took up the mantle of First Thursdays in March 2017 and has never missed a month since. As the club has grown, so too has Database, and today we are proud to count ourselves as one of the few consistent pillars upon which Mødular has built its foundation – the one true First Thursday rave.

From moody, downtempo electronica, to thunderous, resounding techno, Database takes pride in curating lineups not bound by genre, gently coaxing artists to step outside of their comfort zones and give to the people what they never knew they could.

Database has never embarked on guerrilla marketing campaigns and it has never compromised on quality. This has allowed us to build up a diverse cult following of equal-minded people with a single goal in mind.

There is one thing that all Database parties have in common: they are, without fail, sticky, heaving raves. If you aren’t left bewildered on the dance floor when the lights come on in the early hours of the morning, wondering where your night went, then you could not have been at Database.


Sound Sensible
Abstract Method