Champagne was founded in 2013 as a collaborative brand focusing on electronic music culture and the events space in South Africa. Initially, it began as a Soundcloud page showcasing monthly exclusive mixes by Local artists. 

In 2015, the brand evolved into its own club night that was hosted at the now-closed Vice City in Cape Town. In 2017, Champagne moved homes to the now thriving Modular Night Club and had been one of the integral parts of the clubs development over the past year and a half, as one of the only nights at the club that pushes a more nostalgic look at house and techno music.

The brand has grown by leaps and bounds and is now considered to curate some of the most exciting nights in the city with a focus on the more eclectic side of club music.

Previous guests include:
Iron Curtis [Berlin], Johannes Albert [Berlin], BEC [UK], Jakobsnake, Sebastiano Zanasi, Hessien+ Live, Thor Rixon Live, Luis 93 Live, White Nite, Maxime Alexander, Bruno Morphet, Shaheen CDG, Morning Moves, JED/Fred, DJ Okay, Headphase, D_Know, Audiojerk, Constantia Mom, Kevin Murning, Pierre Estienne, Mikey & Schumi. 


DJ Okay 
Skatebård (NO/Digitalo Enterprises)