Arkology (‘architecture’ + ‘ecology’) is a decentralised cooperative pioneering synesthesic, music-led experiences through local events, festivals and art experiments.

Like many of you, we recognise the transformative power of music and visual art in bringing us into heightened states of being and communion. Our aim is to facilitate these kinds of transformative states through the synergy of art and technology. We believe that this synergy helps us each to move into liminal spaces, where subject and object readily dissolve into a unitary and coherent energetic dance.

Our team is also 100% committed to sustainability. In practice, this means that every design decision considers its ecological effects within the festival space as well as material flows prior to and post-event. We recognise that sustainable modes of operation are key to the kinds of positive and harmonious experiences we wish to facilitate.

In the future, we invite you to journey with us into the world of Augmented Reality festivals, where ‘physical’ spaces transfigure and morph to musical rhythms, dance floors breathe and expand with the audience, and where your activity determines the projected patterns and surfaces of the environment itself.

We know there is much to be discovered, and we hope you’ll join us in co-creating spaces of celebration and transformation through the application of technology in ways that positively support us.


Jasmin (8bahn/Red Light Radio)